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Welcome to Procosol, S.L.

           PROCOSOL is considered to be the oldest construction company and property promoter in the Torrox area. Procosol’s beginnings date back to the1950’s when its founder Salvador Cortés Escobar created a construction company dedicated principally to new construction and renovation in Torrox village. The company was supported by the winning of the contract to repair the bell tower of the mainchurch in Torrox which was put out for tender in 1953.Salvador won dueto being the only person willing to take the risk of being able to complete the restoration but also the risk of working at such a height.

          In 1965 after the death of Salvador, his sons Salvador, José, Manuel and then later Antonio, took the reigns of the business and expanded it further undertaking projects in other municipalities from Nerja to Marbella.

          In 1982 the company changed its name and became known as PROMOCIONES and CONSTRUCCIONES CORTÉS,or "PROCOSOL", and began their success in the real estate promoter sector, building numerous “Official Protection” projects(assisted housing schemes) and building for the open market both in Torrox and Nerja.

           Four decades on the brothers are still working together, continuing to maintain their reputation for quality and good workmanship and building on the trust that has been bestowed upon them.



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